Picosecond laser to clear or minimize melasma

Picosecond laser to clear or minimize melasma

When consulting for one or several pigment lesions (spots), the first step is to make a diagnosis of the type of pigmentation. Thus, the most appropriate method to treat the pigment spot is decided, safely and with the best aesthetic result.


At Ribe Clinic we have multiple medical lasers and other technologies that are used to remove pigment spots.

Dr. Adriana Ribé has been a pioneer in performing in Spain the newest treatment for pigment spots such as lentigo and melasma: Picoway picosecond laser.

Courtesy of Dr. Chan

Frequently asked questions about the treatment of melasma with picosecond laser

When is picosecond laser treatment indicated to remove or minimize pigment spot melasma type?

Melasma type pigment spots consist of melanin pigment accumulation and have an evolution over time. At the beginning of melasma, the pigment is in the keratinocytes of the epidermis (epidermal melasma) and then, over time, the pigment accumulates in the dermis (dermal melasma) or in both (mixed melasma). Thus, the pigment gets deeper in the skin and more difficult to clear.

The sooner we do a treatment for melasma the better, since it will be more superficial and respond better to treatments.

The treatment to minimize these pigment spots of melasma type is complex and long, since it is a chronic pigmentation. Therefore, I always tell my patients that a chronic disorder requires a chronic treatment. The treatment to minimize these pigment spots melasma type can be in monotherapy or combined therapies. Thus, we can use laser and / or skin lightener creams along with sun protection factor.

The laser that emits its light in picoseconds is the newest and most advanced for benign pigmentation problems such as melasma, solar lentigines, age or sun spots, Ota nevus and café-au-lait spots among others.

How does the picosecond laser work in the treatment of pigmentation melasma type?

Picosecond lasers, a technological novelty for tattoo removal, have very recently incorporated protocols with parameters that are used to treat pigment spots such as melasma. Thus, we destroy the brown pigment of the brown spots, with the same mechanism with which we fragment the ink particles of a tattoo.

Progressively in several sessions we leave the skin without pigment spots or more attenuated brown spots and with a more uniform tone and brighter skin.

How many sessions do I need to treat brown spots melasma type with picosecond laser?

Treat melasma is difficult and sometimes a maintenance treatment is needed. Improving melasma and preventing it from growing or darkening more is also important.

To try to minimize melasma, 4-10 sessions are performed (1 session every 2-4 weeks) with a picosecond laser.

Is the laser to minimize melasma painful? Is it safe?

The picosecond laser treatment to clear or minimize melasma is effective and safe. It selectively treats melanin pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin.

After the picosecond laser session a temporary discoloration or reddening of the skin that lasts a few minutes or hours is observed.

The session with this picosecond laser to treat brown spots melasma type lasts about 15 min in which you can feel heat in the skin, but the patients do not describe it as painful.