Mesotherapy to remove cellulite

At Ribe Clinic we have all the latest technologies to perform aesthetic medical treatments to get rid of cellulite.

Dr. Adriana Ribé, dermatopathologist and Director of Ribe Clinic performs body mesotherapy treatment as monotherapy or frequently, in combination with other techniques to treat cellulite.


Ribe Clinic protocol to remove or reduce cellulite with mesotherapy

It is important to make a visit with the doctor who will evaluate our type of cellulite and assess the degree of it and the factors that cause it. Thus, we can define a specific treatment to reduce or remove cellulite that can consist of a technique such as body mesotherapy, or more frequently, in the combination of several.

To get rid of of cellulite 6-12 sessions of body mesotherapy are recommended, with a weekly frequency at the beginning, and then biweekly. Each session lasts from ten to twenty minutes. The results begin to be noticed from the third or fourth session although from the first session you can begin to perceive improvement. Patients notice revitalized skin and firmer skin. It does not require anesthesia and can be applied in any area where there is orange peel skin.

In treatments to reduce or remove cellulite it is important to schedule maintenance so that the results obtained last. Once this initial protocol is completed, maintenance sessions are established more or less spaced over time, according to the evolution and habits of the patient.

Maintenance in the treatment of cellulite may consist of 1 session every 1-4 months of 1 or several medical treatments along with recommendations of healthy habits of diet, sports, nutritional supplements and anti-cellulite creams.

Frequently asked questions about mesotherapy to get rid of cellulite

What is body mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a technique that consists of the administration of micro doses of drugs in the skin and subcutaneous tissue at depths ranging from 2 to 6 mm. In body mesotherapy to reduce cellulite injected draining substances, lipolytic, depending on the case and type of cellulite. Normally there are homeopathic substances whose function is to undo or compact fat, drain, improve microcirculation and firm the skin.

Body mesotherapy is one of the best known treatments to reduce localized fat and cellulite, as well as being one of the fastest results. In general, this method can be applied to the entire body except in the breasts and its most frequent use is in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

How does body mesotherapy work in treatments to get rid of cellulite?

In body mesotherapy as a cellulite treatment we inject substances into the middle layer of the skin to act by compacting or destroying the fat nodules of our body, helping to eliminate retained fluid, improving microcirculation and activating the production of collagen to tighten the skin.

In Ribe Clinic we analyze the constitution of the person, their type of cellulite and the causes that produce it in order to select a homoeopathic preparation or another to treat cellulite more effectively. Thus, we will choose agents that improve vascularization and decongest the area with draining agents that help to alleviate edema in the case of edematous cellulite or agents that destroy or compact the adipocytes in fibrotic cellulite.

The objective of body mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite is to improve the appearance of the skin by decreasing the orange peel, activating the circulatory system decreasing fluid retention and attenuating the sensation of tired legs.

Does body mesotherapy have side effects in the treatment to get rid of cellulite?

When dealing with natural products, the side effects of body mesotherapy in the treatment of cellulite are minimal, since they are homeopathic products and are reduced to small and superficial hematomas by punctures that will disappear after a few days.