carboxiterapia para tratar la celulitis

Carboxytherapy as a treatment for stretch marks removal

Carboxytherapy is one of the best therapies to treat stretch marks, as well as excess fat, flaccidity, cellulite and venous insufficiency, and as a pre and postliposculpture treatment, to avoid fibrosis. Therefore, carboxytherapy is used to remove stretch marks as monotherapy and usually, in combination with other treatments.


Ribe Clinic protocol for stretch marks removal treatment with carboxytherapy

At Ribe Clinic we have all the latest technologies to perform aesthetic medical treatments to remove stretch marks.

It is important to make a visit with the doctor who will evaluate our type of stretch marks (white or red striae) and assess the degree of them and the factors that cause them. Thus, we can define a specific treatment to try to eliminate stretch marks that may consist of a technique, or more frequently, in the combination of several methods.

Dr. Adriana Ribé, dermatopathologist and Director of Ribe Clinic performs the treatment of carboxytherapy frequently in combination with other treatments to remove stretch marks.

In the treatment for stretch marks removal, prevention is also key. Thus, in cases in which there is a tendency to suffer from weight change, at puberty, in pregnancy, taking corticosteroids medication…. we has to focus in stretch mark prevention. Guidelines are issued of healthy habits of diet, nutritional complements and application of specific creams.

Frequently asked questions about carboxytherapy to treat stretch marks

What is carboxytherapy? How does carboxytherapy act to remove stretch marks?

Carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive method that involves the application of carbon dioxide (CO2) subcutaneously through small infiltrations in the skin. With this technique, vasodilatation is achieved with tissue oxygenation that stimulates the microcirculation and oxidation of the fatty acids acting on the atrophic and scar tissue of the stretch marks.

The carboxytherapy applied in the treatment of stretch marks is a technique that has been on the market for years demonstrating its effectiveness. Currently, carboxytherapy is combined with other newer techniques that enhance its effects to remove stretch marks.

How many sessions of carboxytherapy do I need to remove or remove stretch marks?

The number of carboxytherapy sessions that are required to remove or eliminate stretch marks varies depending on the case (white or red striae) and if it is done in monotherapy or in combination with other techniques, such as fractional laser or radiofrequency. Normally, it is usual to perform 5-10 sessions. One or two treatments per week are performed.

Carboxytherapy is a very safe treatment and the side effects are a small discomfort in the area of ​​application and a slight redness that lasts a few minutes. It is also possible that some bruise appears after the puncture (depending on the sensitivity of the skin of each person), but it will disappear in a few days.

Once the carboxytherapy session for stretch marks removal is completed, it is usually complemented with other medical technique of fractional laser or radiofrequency to increase the diffusion of gas to adjacent tissues and enhance their benefits to activate the formation of collagen and elastic fibers.