Fractional picosecond laser to remove scars

Fractional picosecond laser to remove scars

At Ribe Clinic we have all the latest technologies to perform medical aesthetic treatments to remove and reduce scars.

Among the most novel treatments to remove scars is the fractional picosecond laser. Depending on the type of scar (acne scar, traumatic scar or surgical scar), the severity of the scar and its age, we will use different parameters and propose a number of sessions.


Patients ask us: Can I get rid of my scar? Removing a scar leaving a completely intact skin is not possible, since there has been a rupture of the integrity of the skin. But the treatments to remove the scars can attenuate them to the point where they are very little visible. The satisfaction of patients in these treatments for scars is high.

Dr. Adriana Ribé has been a pioneer in offering the revolution treatment to remove scars in Spain: fractional picosecond laser treatment.

The picosecond lasers, technological novelty for tattoo removal, have recently incorporated parameters and protocols that are used to remove scars.

Frequently asked questions about the treatment with picosecond laser to remove scars

How does the fractional picosecond laser work in the treatment to remove scars?

The energy of the laser is emitted in two wavelengths 1064 and 532 nm with variable fluences according to each case in a very short time of picoseconds. A hand piece with a diffractive holographic optic that creates cavitation and plasma formation in the dermis is used.

This energy emitted by the picosecond laser is absorbed in the dermis, fragmenting the poor collagen of scar quality and activating the formation of new collagen (neocolagenesis) at the site of the old collagen.

Thus, progressively after each laser session to remove scars, we eliminate old collagen of poor quality and fibrosis of the scar and we have a new collagen and a richer matrix that retains water improving the appearance of the scar from within.

How many sessions of fractional picosecond laser to remove scars do I need?

It will depend on the state and type of the scar. In general, this laser treatment to reduce scars requires about 4-6 sessions (1 session / 2-4 weeks).

How is the treatment to remove my scars with fractional picosecond laser? Is it safe? Is it painful?

The session with this picosecond laser to reduce scars lasts 10-15 min in which there is heat in the skin, but the patients do not describe it as painful. It does not need to apply anesthesia.

After the picosecond laser to reduce scars a soothing moisturizer and sun protection factor is applied.

This fractionated picosecond laser treatment is effective and safe in order to improve the appearance of the scars and leave them very little visible.