What is a melanocytic nevus?

The pigment spots of nevus type are commonly known as moles. The nevi are a proliferation of cells called melanocytes that are grouped in nests. They can be in the dermis, epidermis or both. Thus we have intradermal, junctional or compound nevi.

Characteristics of nevi or “moles”

These pigment spots or nevus, may be flat or bulky, without atypia or with clinical atypia. They can be removed with laser or surgery. A medical diagnosis is very important before your treatment.


How can a melanocytic nevus be removed?

At Ribe Clinic our professionals perform a clinical diagnosis of pigmented lesions before treating them. If these brown spots of the face or anywhere else, after being examined by a medical professional, are melanocytic nevus type without atypia, they can be eliminated with surgical CO2 laser. Anesthetic cream is applied on the nevus spot and after 15 min, the laser vaporizes the lesion. After laser treatment to remove the nevus spot, it is recommended to use a healing cream for 5 days and a sun protection factor.

And in case of pigment spots with atypia, a biopsy is taken and analyzed by a Dermatopathologist.