Ribe Clinic Cosmetics

At Ribe Clinic we have created our own cosmetics, thanks to Dr. Adriana Ribé’s experience in skin care and rejuvenation. The products of the RibeClinicSKIN line enhance the effects of rejuvenation treatments and are an excellent choice for daily skin care at home

Clean, regenerate, moisturize and protect the cells of our skin are the four main premises for a healthy and radiant skin. RibeClinicSKIN also has body treatment products. Clinical and scientific studies support the efficacy of RibeClinicSKIN.

The Ribe Clinic cosmetic line, called RibeClinicSKIN, includes the following cosmetics:

  • Regenerative Serum
  • Solution Peel Effect
  • Hydrant Serum
  • Anti Cellulite and Remodeling
  • Cleansing foam
SKINRibeClinic-Serum Regenerador


The preferred serum of Dr. Adriana Ribé to activate the natural process of renewal of the skin, with repairing and regenerating properties. The Regenerative Serum RibeClinicSKIN is suitable for very sensitive skin since it does not contain additives, fragrances, parabens or alcohols. It contains few ingredients, very specific and very effective:

. Regenerative cells of vegetable origin, help the renewal of the skin layers, making a greater number of cell layers grow and they live longer (senescence process). It does not over activate the process but it recovers the natural process of the skin, which over time loses its ability to regenerate.

. Epidermal growth factor analogous to that of the epidermis, which helps to grow a healthier and faster epidermis. It is great after laser procedures.

. Premium quality snail slime, known for its regenerative and protective skin properties.

. Hyaluronic acid, for its great moisturizing capacity.

. Collagen, which helps redensify the skin.

. Without parabens, alcohols or fragrances.
The Regenerative Serum RibeClinicSKIN is indicated for an intensive treatment of 15-30 days for skins “very exhausted” or after laser procedures.



The most effective medical peel for home use to remove photo-aged skin. Solution Peel Effect RibeClinicSKIN promotes the elimination of aged cells, and thus helps the process of cell regeneration and renewal. The ingredients are acids that in total add up to 20%:
. 10% glycolic acid

. 5% Lactic Acid

. 5% Citric Acid
Solution Peel Effect by RibeClinicSKIN is indicated for oily, photo-aged and dull skin. An application of 20 minutes a week will enhance the luminosity of your skin, healthier, younger and thinner.



Serum Hydrant is a product that can not be lacking in the daily care of the skin. It works by getting the intracellular tissue to capture a greater volume of water, thanks to which the skin looks more hydrated and healthier.

Dr. Adriana Ribé has created Serum Hydrant to be suitable for all skin types, and be easy to apply. The moisturizing effect is accentuated thanks to the very pure concentrated hyaluronic acid, and argeriline which has mitigating properties for expression wrinkles.



The treatment of Dr. Adriana Ribé specifically for body shaping. A fast absorbing gel created to accelerate the drainage of areas of hips, thighs and knees. The remodeling and anti cellulite body cream of RibeClinicSKIN is designed for a quick and easy daily application that will not stain clothes.

Its effects are multiplied if applied after sports sessions. It will get a smoother skin and reduce the appearance of orange peel. The Anti-cellulite cream from RibeClinicSKIN is indicated for people who already suffer irregularities in the skin of thighs and hips avoiding the retention of liquids.



Cleansing foam with cold effect, without alcohol or preservatives or parabens for any skin type. It cleans the skin in depth providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and prepares it for the application of any cream as well as cosmetic treatment. It is recommended to combine with the moisturizing serum of RibeClinicSKIN.

It is formulated with rose essential oil, witch hazel and menthol extract (Menthyl Lactate). The properties of its active principles are:

. Water of Hamamelis to 35%: The astringent properties of this plant act on the circulatory system causing constriction of the blood vessels, relieving the possible facial redness and deflating. Distilled extract allows calming the itching and improving local skin infections.

. Essential oil roses 1%: With anti-inflammatory, emollient and anti-allergic action. It favors the regeneration of damaged and aged tissues. It provides a pleasant fragrance.

. Menthil Lactate 0.3%: It has a refreshing effect on the skin, provides a cold sensation.