Remove scars with Fraxel laser

We treat scars with Fraxel re-store 1550nm laser. Depending on type of scar (acne scar, traumatic scar or surgical scar), severity of the scar and its duration, we will use different laser parameters and propose a number of laser sessions.


Can scars be removed with Fraxel laser?

Patients ask us: Can I get rid of my scars? Removing a scar leaving a completely intact skin is not possible, since there has been a rupture of the integrity of the skin. But the treatments to remove or reduce scars can attenuate them to the point where they are very little visible. The satisfaction of patients in these treatments for scars is high.

Dr. Adriana Ribe has extensive experience with the Fraxel laser to reduce scars that has been recognized with the United States Diamond Award.

Ribe Clinic proposal to remove / reduce scars with Fraxel laser

In case of acne red marks as a residual consequence of the inflammatory process, we treat them with 2-3 Fraxel 1550nm laser sessions, 1 session every 3-4 weeks. The reddish color and irregular texture of the scar improve considerably and even disappears. Sometimes, we combine Fraxel laser with the application of specific creams.The treatment of mild and moderate acne scars (and some severe acne scars) is with 5 Fraxel 1550nm laser sessions.

The laser activates the formation of new collagen in the dermis and remodels the old one so that it “fills in” the scar. In addition, it regenerates the epidermis that was atrophic and depressed. Thus, acne scars on the skin gradually become softer. The acne scar can be reduced by 80%.

Features of the Fraxel re: store ® laser technology

The Fraxel laser was the first to apply fractional technology in 2004, assuming a great technological revolution. And in addition to fractional technology, the company patented the way in which laser energy is emitted with intelligent optics that is still the best today.

Since 2004, several versions of this Fraxel laser have appeared and according to Dr. Ribé “the new Fraxel DUAL laser with two wavelengths acts very effectively on scars to stimulate the own production of new and higher quality collagen”.

By sliding the laser head across the skin (scar) a light is emitted that acts on all layers of the skin. The treatment to remove or reduce scars is personalized since it goes with a computer that allows selecting the power with which one wants to work and thus, act in superficial, intermediate and deep layers according to the need.

Technologically, this Fraxel laser to remove or reduce scars acts in a fractional way. That is, it produces microscopic acting columns in the skin (epidermis and dermis) leaving the tissue intact between the columns. Thus, the tissue of the columns will be renewed producing a new collagen and a more trophic epidermis aided by healthy surrounding tissue that promotes this repair. It is a natural process of the body itself replacing the collagen damaged by a new, healthy and shiny skin with reduced scars.

To achieve the results one looks for in their treatment to reduce scars, it usually takes several sessions. Dr. Adriana Ribé recommends a personalized treatment protocol after a precise skin diagnosis, which ranges from 3 to 5 sessions depending on the case. The exact number of sessions is personalized according to the state of the skin and the results that are expected to be obtained.

The Fraxel laser treatment to reduce scars requires applying anesthetic cream to prevent possible discomfort 1 hour before the session. At the end of the laser session to reduce scars, the skin looks rosy and we notice a sensation of heat that disappears in a few hours. You can make up if desired and resume social life immediately.

Depending on the level of treatment, after the laser procedure to reduce scars, the skin is red and somewhat swollen, but the symptoms disappear the next day. The days that follow the skin acquires a natural “tan” look that returns to normal in 4-5 days, bringing out a skin with more attenuated scars and a fresher, smoother and brighter skin.

Throughout the process of laser treatment for scars you can lead a routine life and if you wish, you can apply makeup.

After Fraxel the laser treatment to remove scars, a healing cream is simply applied to the treated area for a few days, as well as a sunscreen (SPF +50).

In the case of the treatment of deep scars, it is recommended an antibiotic cream and prevention for herpes simplex, as well as a sun protection (SPF +50).

Fraxel laser treatment to reduce scars is a safe therapeutic option supported by a large number of investigations. Like all treatments, it should be done by a medical professional experienced in this technology and with a patient’s medical history.

Both the risk and the side effects are very unlikely and in any case unimportant. It is advisable to protect yourself from the sun with a high protection factor (SPF +50).

The results of the Fraxel laser treatment to remove scars are immediate but also gradual. A few days later the scars are more attenuated and the skin is smoother, softer, brighter and with a more uniform tone. In each session the results accumulate and the improvement increases. In addition, at the end of the sessions with Fraxel laser treatment to remove scars, the skin continues to improve for the next 3-6 months as new cells that have been activated continue to produce new collagen.

The duration of the results after Fraxel laser treatment to reduce scars depends on the lifestyle, age, condition and skin care of each person.