How to firm facial sagging skin?

From the age of 35-40 years, the first signs of flaccidity appear with a loss of the contour of the facial oval and detachment of the skin of the neck under the chin.

Facial sagging skin is treated with medical-aesthetic procedures or surgery.

Tratamientos flacidez facial

The medical treatments are effective to firm facial sagging skin in cases of mild and moderate flaccidity and patients with severe flaccidity should opt for surgery.

Currently, the tendency to firm facial sagging skin is to combat the flaccidity at early ages and even prevent it by the best results and its naturalness.


Ribe Clinic protocol to firm facial mild to moderate sagging skin

We made a diagnosis of the type and degree of facial flaccidity with a clinical history and design a specific protocol for each patient that may consist of a single treatment or a combination of several to firm facial sagging skin.

So the facial treatments we do to firm facial sagging skin are: