SkinCeuticals Facials Protocol

SkinCeuticals has developed different aesthetic protocols in which its high-end professional products are used. Additionally, the products are combined with specific massage techniques achieving an immediate, visible and lasting effect.

Facial protocols SkinCeuticals

RECOMMENDED FOR: Skin with signs of stress and fatigue such as dryness, black spots, rough skin and dull tone.

PROTOCOL: It combines an effective exfoliation with a detox mask. After relaxing with a massage that will eliminate toxins and activate your skin, our antioxidants will give you all the energy you need restoring the luminosity.

RESULTS: The skin reappears clean, fresh and full of energy.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Male skin that shows lack of glow, loss of firmness, uneven tone and big size pore.

PROTOCOL:  By using serums with high concentration of vitamin C and a deep cleansing mask, combined with a firming massage, it recovers all the energy of the skin.

RESULTS: Skin looks firmer, healthier, more luminous and full of energy.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Skin with signs of dehydration such as fine wrinkles, scaling or feeling of tightness.

PROTOCOL: Based on the application of products formulated with a maximized concentration of Hyaluronic Acid together with specific massage techniques to provide intense hydration to the skin.

RESULTS: Fresh, juicy skin, fully hydrated, with minimized expression lines.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Calming the most reactive skins, with redness, itching, burning sensation…

PROTOCOL:  It combines a gentle hemo-lymphatic massage to reduce redness, with products formulated not only to soothe the skin, but also to act on the origin of the sensitivity and help correct it.

RESULTS: The skin finds its calmness, redness diminishes and deep hydration of long duration is felt.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Anyone who wants to treat lines of expression, lack of tone and / or density in the skin

PROTOCOL: It combines our exclusive HYALURONIC ACID INTENSIFIER, which adds density and firmness to the skin, filling lines of expression, with our exclusive SKCS’LIFT massage to reshape the face.

RESULTS: The lines of expression are reduced, density and firmness are recovered, rejuvenating the face.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Skin that show signs of aging: wrinkles, lines of expression, loss of firmness…

PROTOCOL: It combines highly effective anti-aging assets, together with a firming massage with lifting effect. This protocol constitutes a complete anti-aging care that restores youth and firmness to the skin.

RESULTS: Skin looks more luminous, firm and with less deep wrinkles.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Faded skin, with non-uniform tone and blemish problems.

PROTOCOL: This treatment acts in depth, renewing the skin to improve the appearance of the spots. It contains highly effective active ingredients such as vitamin C and Ferulic acid, which also provide immediate luminosity.

RESULTS: More uniform skin, with diminished spots and extremely luminous.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Get a glowing skin during a special day.

PROTOCOL: This treatment combines high efficacy assets such as vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that equal facial tone and hydrate deeply, improving fine lines and erasing signs of fatigue.

RESULTS: Maximum brightness and improvement of expression lines.

RECOMMENDED FOR: Mixed or oily skin that is characterized by shiny, enlarged pores and imperfections.

PROTOCOL: It is based on specific techniques and combined with the BLEMISH + AGE line, this protocol helps to balance excess sebum and renew the surface of the skin, leaving it soft and without shine.

RESULTS: Skin re-balanced, soft, hydrated and calm.