Can wrinkles be removed or reduced?

Wrinkles are “furrows” or “depressed lines”. There are different types of wrinkles that require different treatments to eliminate or soften them.

The wrinkles of expression or dynamic wrinkles are those that occur on the face when gesturing (contraction of muscles), and basically appear in the frontal area, between the eyebrows, the lips and around the eyes. With the passage of time the gestures that we make continuously are reflected in the face as fine lines and then in the form of wrinkles.

The wrinkles of aging appear by the inescapable passage of time. The skin ages, loses smoothness and decreases collagen. It becomes thinner, drier and less elastic.

There are also other factors that can accelerate the premature aging of the skin: especially the sun, cold, a poor diet, lack of hydration, smoking, stress, pollution, etc.


Ribe Clinic protocol to eliminate or reduce wrinkles

To achieve a younger skin, without wrinkles on the face and neck, with naturalness and harmony with the person, it is necessary to be in expert hands and specialists in the most advanced technologies and up to date in the concept of beauty.

In Aesthetic Medicine we have many techniques to treat wrinkles. You have to choose the right one for the type of wrinkles you have and be assessed what you will get with the chosen treatment such as efficacy, safety, duration…

In Ribe Clinic the individualized protocol for each person to treat wrinkles starts at the base, combining if several techniques are necessary to obtain the best result and chosen according to the patient’s skin condition: