Fraxel fractional laser as a treatment for stretch marks removal

At Ribe Clinic we use the Fraxel re: store laser with the wavelength 1550 nm to remove or attenuate stretch marks.

Dr. Adriana Ribe has extensive experience with this laser technology in the treatment of stretch marks that has been recognized with the Diamond Award in United States.


Fraxel laser was the first laser to apply fractional technology to activate the formation of collagen in 2004, assuming a great technological revolution. And in addition to fractional technology, the company patented the way in which laser energy is emitted with intelligent optics that is still the best today.

Since 2004, several versions of this Fraxel laser have been performed and according to Dr. Ribé “the new Fraxel DUAL laser with two wavelengths: 1550 and 1927nm acts very effectively to remove stretch marks and improve skin tone and texture”.

Ribe Clinic proposal for
stretch mark removal with Fraxel laser

When we have white and red stretch marks. And that can happen at any age.

It is true that the sooner we start treating stretch marks, the better the result will be because the stretch mark will still be vascularized and the skin will be less atrophic. The result of activation of the formation of collagen and elastic fibers will be much better.

Sliding the laser head through the skin fires a light that acts in and activates all skin layers. The treatment is personalized since it is performed with a computer that allows selecting the power with which you want to work and thus, act in superficial, intermediate and deep layers according to the need.

Technologically, this Fraxel laser acts in a fractional way. That is, it produces microscopic acting columns in the skin (epidermis and dermis) leaving the tissue intact between the columns. Thus, the tissue of the columns will be renewed producing a new collagen and a more trophic epidermis aided by healthy surrounding tissue that promotes this repair. It is a natural process of the body itself replacing the damaged and aged cells of the stretch marks with a new, healthy and shiny skin.

To achieve the results one looks for in stretch marks, it usually takes several sessions. The exact number of sessions is personalized according to the state of the skin, the results that are expected and also the lifestyle. Thus, Dr. Ribé and her team decide with you the treatment they will perform to remove stretch marks. The average number of sessions in the treatment to remove stretch marks is 5 sessions, 1 every 3-4 weeks.

Depending on the level of treatment, after the laser procedure to remove stretch marks, the skin is red and somewhat swollen, but the symptoms disappear the next day. The days that follow the treatment, the skin acquires a natural “tan” look that returns to normal in 4-5 days, bringing out a skin with less visible stretch marks.

Throughout the process you can lead a routine life and if desired, you can apply makeup.

The results of laser treatment to remove stretch marks are immediate but also gradual. After a few days, the skin is smoother, softer, more luminous and with a more uniform tone and narrower stretch marks with a less shiny and more trophic surface.

In each session the results accumulate and the improvement increases. In addition, at the end of the sessions, the skin continues to improve for the next 3-6 months as new cells that have been activated continue to produce new collagen. The duration of the results depends on the lifestyle, age, condition and skin care of each person.

Fraxel laser treatment to remove stretch marks is a safe therapeutic option supported by a large number of investigations. Like all treatments, it should be done by a medical professional experienced in this technology and with a patient’s medical history.

It is important to make a visit with the doctor who will evaluate our type of stretch marks (white or red striae) and assess the degree of them and the factors that cause them. Thus, we can define a specific treatment to try to eliminate stretch marks that may consist of a technique, or more frequently, in the combination of several.

Dr. Adriana Ribé recommends a personalized treatment protocol after a precise skin diagnosis, which ranges from 2 to 5 sessions depending on the patient’s age and skin condition. The treatment requires applying anesthetic cream to prevent possible discomfort 1 hour before the session.

When finished the laser treatment for stretch marks removal, the skin looks rosy and we notice a sensation of heat that disappears in a few hours. You can make up if desired and resume social life immediately.

The combination of laser with other treatments to remove stretch marks is common.