Vascular laser to remove couperose or redness on the face

The laser treatment to remove the redness or “veins” or couperose of the face consists of making “shots or pulses” of 1.5 or 3mm in diameter that follow the entire path of the chosen vessel together with the application of cold air or cryogen simultaneously to the firing of the laser to mitigate the discomfort and cool the skin of the face.


Ribe Clinic protocol of vascular laser to remove  couperose or redness of the face

After the vascular laser session to remove the veins or couperose from the face, a small inflammation occurs in each firing zone, which disappears gradually after a few hours. After this laser treatment to remove redness or couperose you can make normal life.

It is recommended (not contraindicated) not to be tan before laser treatment to remove couperose because although the laser has no affinity for melanin (skin pigment), its energy is absorbed in the venous territory underlying the skin. On the other hand, you can sunbathe after a few days with high solar photo protection.

Courtesy of Dr. Chasin

Frequently asked questions about vascular laser technology to treat facial couperose

How does the vascular laser work in the treatment of couperose or redness on the face?

Dr. Adriana Ribé explains: “The vascular laser to remove couperose or redness on the face eliminates the blood vessel by the principle of photocoagulation and photothermolysis. Photons of laser light have affinity for a component of blood called hemoglobin. Laser crosses the skin surface without damaging it, and is transformed into heat by being absorbed by the hemoglobin of the injured vessels. The heat coagulates the vessels and facilitates their elimination. At a short time, the body itself reabsorbs the clot and “Veins” responsible for the redness or couperose disappear.”

“The treatment with vascular laser to remove the veins of the face or couperose is safe and effective, but must be done in a fully personalized way, with the appropriate instruments and under expert medical supervision, as advised by the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME)” comments Dr. Adriana Ribé.

How many sessions of vascular laser are necessary to eliminate the couperose?

The number of sessions that are needed in this vascular laser treatment to remove redness or couperose of the face varies according to the type and number of veins present, from 1 to 4 sessions (1 session per month). In some cases, in a single session the organism eliminates inflammation and the treated vein disappears.

If the treated vein is restored and partially reappears after the session, a retouching may be necessary several months later. This is because in many cases the lesion is connected to an underlying reticular venous network and more intensity is needed for its elimination.

Dr. Adriana Ribé advises starting the treatment when the veins of the face are initial and in scarce number.

Post-vascular laser care in the treatment to eliminate couperose or redness of the face

After the laser session to eliminate redness or couperose of the face it is recommended:

  • Apply cream with vitamin K the days immediately after the vascular laser session (2 times / day for 15-30 days).
  • Use total sun protection (SPF 50+) in the treated areas if exposed to the sun.