Lipolytic substances to lose localized fat

To lose or reduce localized fat a single treatment or combination of several treatments will be recommended depending on each case. Thus, to lose localized fat, in Ribe Clinic we have these corporal medical treatments:

  • COOLSCULPTING: is a medical technology that uses the cold to lose localized in the abdomen, flanks, thighs, outer thighs, knees, arms, male chest, chin…
  • VELASHAPE III: is a medical technology that applies radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum to reshape and lose centimeters of abdominal fat, thighs, knees and arms
  • INJECTION OF LIPOLYTIC SUBSTANCES: to burn localized body fat
  • EXERCISE: PERSONAL TRAINER: in Ribe Clinic we have a gym and a personal trainer who teaches to do specific exercises to lose fat and tone the muscles. He also gives a routine of exercises for the patient to do at home.

Lipolytic substances to burn fat

Lipolytic substances are compounds that are injected into adipose tissue to “burn fat.” It is a non surgical treatment to reduce localized fat and lipoma. It dissolves localized body fat safely and quickly without the need to go through an operating room.

This treatment with lipolytic substances to reduce and / or lose fat is used in localized areas such as upper and lateral part of the thighs, around the knee, hips, and abdomen mainly.

Frequently asked questions about lipolytic substances in the treatment of localized fat

How do lipolytic substances work to burn and eliminate fat?

Intralipotherapy with lipolytic substances consist of infiltration of sodium deoxycholate. It is injected directly into the adipose tissue, so that the lipids dissolve, break fat cells, and once dissolved they are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

How is the treatment with lipolytic substances to lose localized fat?

The lipolytic substances are infiltrated in an area so that the material is distributed homogeneously liquefying the adipocyte so that the lipids are eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system. No anesthesia is needed. At least 3 sessions with 3-4 weeks of interval between sessions will be necessary.

Once this treatment to lose fat is over, it is recommended to use compression measures during the first days: stockings or compressive garments.

In which areas are lipolytic substances injected to burn and lose fat?

Lipolytic substances are injected in areas where you want to lose localized fat. The most frequent areas are:

  • Interior thighs
  • Interior knee
  • Trochanteric and lower region of the buttocks
  • Abdomen and flanks
  • Top members
  • Gynecomastia in men
  • Male breast
  • Chin
  • Lipomas
  • Buffalo hump

What can be the side effects of lipolytic substances in the treatment to burn fat?

  • Stinging (short duration)
  • Itching (short duration)
  • Redness (some hours)
  • Heat (some hours)
  • Edema (some days)
  • Pain (some days)
  • Bruising (some days)

Recommendations after treatment with lipolytic substances to burn fat

  • Do not apply cosmetics in the treated area until 12 hours after treatment.
  • Do not expose the area to sources of intense heat (for example, sunbathing, UVA rays, sauna, etc.) after treatment.
  • It is convenient to use compressive garments after treatment to reduce inflammation.
  • It is convenient to perform a drain massage 2-4 days after treatment to help the elimination of the product.