Nutritional supplements for hair

A balanced diet adapted to the characteristics of each individual should be sufficient to provide all the necessary principles to have healthy hair.

However, situations of stress, taking medications, diets, unhealthy habits, hormonal changes… make us have to resort to nutritional complements or supplements for hair, in order to ingest what we need to show a healthy hair and combat alopecia and hair loss.

Causes of lack of nutrition in the hair

The causes of unhealthy, weak or falling hair are several. It will be necessary to know the cause to take more specific complements or nutritional supplements. In general, these are formulated with sulfur amino acids, zinc, vitamin B6, folic acid, iron or vitamin B12, which are essential for the good health of the hair and, in some cases, the fundamental support of the composition of the keratin.

These are nutritional supplements formed by natural substances, of animal or vegetable origin, which are used orally at different doses, to act directly on the skin and hair.


Hair treatments with nutritional supplements

The objective of this treatment for hair is to have a healthy hair with greater body and volume and better appearance.

At Ribe Clinic we evaluate each case of capillary consultation and recommend the most appropriate complement and sometimes we combine it with other hair treatments such as LEDS, capillary mesotherapy or auto transplant of regenerative cells.