Leds light to treat alopecia


It is a light therapy that is used in hair treatments. It helps to reduce scalp inflammation and stimulates blood circulation to the hair follicles.

This combination promotes cell regeneration necessary for the growth of a healthy and strong hair, and therefore, is indicated in alopecia and hair loss.

Is the treatment for hair with LEDS safe?

This treatment for hair loss or alopecia is safe and effective.


How many LEDS sessions do I need in my treatment for alopecia or hair loss?


The capillary treatment with LEDS requires multiple sessions: 1-2 each week for 3 months.

At Ribe Clinic we do some sessions in the clinic and after we recommend that the patient get a cap with LEDS to follow this treatment for hair at home.


Protocol of capillary treatment with LEDS

In Ribe Clinic LEDS treatment is used as a complement in combination with other hair treatments to combat alopecia and hair loss such as auto transplant of regenerative cells, capillary mesotherapy and nutritional supplements.

In this treatment for hair care, a LEDS device that has 3 rectangular screens multiple red LED bulbs 645 nm (640-655 nm) that cover the scalp during 15-20 min is used.

During the LEDS treatment, the patient remains seated and can read, listen to music or watch TV. He is comfortable and does not notice any discomfort and can resume his life immediately.