Autotransplante de células progenitoras

Progenitor cells for regenerative processes are a medical technology that repairs and restores. Its applications include, among others, rejuvenation treatments in patients with cutaneous aging class I or II (Fitzpatrick classification). This regenerative treatment improves the signs of aging such as wrinkles and skin texture.

Ribe Clinic performs “autologous” therapy or transplant of progenitor cells to give patients the ability to fight against aging. The patient’s own tissues have the highest concentration of progenitor cells and can produce billions of cells with the potential to repair and regenerate.

What is regenerative medicine and how is it applied in anti aging treatments?

Regenerative medicine is a set of innovative medical technologies that rapidly expands and restores the function of the tissues where the cells are administered allowing the body to repair damaged cells and replace dysfunctional and aged cells, tissues and organs.

In its indications in anti aging it promotes the renewal of the epidermis and the dermis activating the formation of new collagen and elastic fibers.

Naturally, and without harmful effects, our own cells get to improve the appearance and quality of the skin and redensifies it. This anti aging treatment can be used in both men and women.

It is necessary to do a consultation with the doctors of Ribe Clinic to assess your case and see if you are a candidate for this anti aging treatment.


Is this anti aging treatment safe?

The anti aging treatment with regenerative cells is very safe since we have obtained the progenitor cells directly from our own body. With this treatment there is no risk of rejection or other problems that are associated with embryonic stem cells.

In Ribe Clinic the anti aging treatment is performed by a team of experienced aesthetic doctors and is applied to the skin of the face, neck, décolleté and hands mainly.

What is this anti aging treatment about?

The best way to repair and regenerate new cells is by administering them directly back into our body.

  • STEP 1: The doctors will evaluate you and confirm if you are a suitable patient and would benefit from this anti aging treatment.
  • STEP 2: This anti aging treatment involves taking a skin biopsy (punch-2-mm biopsy) and processing it to remove the progenitor cells.
  • STEP 3: The skin punch biopsy is collected and centrifuged to separate different cellular components and the concentration of progenitor cells is carefully collected. The obtained cells are suspended in physiological saline. This extraction is in sterile medium.
  • STEP 4: These cells are injected by superficial punctures (mesotherapy) in the area to regenerate the skin of the face, neck, chest or hands mainly.

This anti aging treatment with progenitor cells can be performed alone or associated with a laser treatment. Ablative or non-ablative laser treatment promotes the regeneration of the epidermis and dermis as well as the activation of collagen and progenitor cells will help in the repair and activation process.

Results of this anti aging treatment

Once the progenitor cells are injected into a patient’s area to be treated, they will begin to regenerate and revitalize the patient’s tissues, as well as help activate existing stem cells. The patient will notice a higher quality skin, firmer and with more attenuated wrinkles. It can also be used to improve post-acne scars.

Progenitor cells need time to regenerate and develop new cells. The results of this anti aging treatment will take several months.

Like all anti aging treatments, the regenerative effects of progenitor cells vary from patient to patient, depending on age, immune system and current health status.