Couperose skin, how to identify it?

Couperose is a skin condition that is paired with red, star-shaped spots or lines on the cheeks, the forehead, the nose or the chin. Facial couperose is what we know most commonly with words like redness on the face, veins on the face, spider or redness of the skin.

Blushing or turning red is a natural reaction of the body. However, when the face is constantly red or we blush very easily or have enlarged veins, this redness of the skin of the face can begin to become not only an aesthetic problem but it can affect our personal life.

There are different types of redness of the skin of the face:

  • Normal flushing: are the most frequent and normal redness of the face and are related to emotions such as anxiety, nervousness, embarrassment, after exercise…
  • Couperose: is the flush in the skin due to the dilatation of the capillary vessels that irrigate the dermis in branches or “spider mites”. This happens as a result of the increase in blood pressure in the area and is basically a problem of circulation. This condition usually happens when going from cold to heat or when you eat or drink something hot or irritating, sometimes in the face of strong emotion.
  • Telangiectasias: are dilatations or malformations of the blood vessels in the dermis with the appearance of “spider veins”. It’s what we call “veins in the face”

The couperose can be:

  • Couperose rosacea (rosacea skin): it is a venous dilation, with diffuse redness or veins, around the nose, cheekbones and chin, causing redness on the skin of the face. In addition small pimples with acne-like lesions can sprout, which is often confused.
  • Couperose acquired: in relation to external factors such as long exposure to the sun or abuse of solar lamps. It can also appear when cortisone creams are used or by reaction to certain cosmetics that are aggressive to the skin

How can couperose be treated? Ribe Clinic protocol for redness prone skin

At Ribe Clinic you start with a visit with the specialist doctor who will make a clinical history to assess the possible causes of redness of the face and a physical examination. A medical treatment for couperose will be proposed to eliminate the couperose and a maintenance plan.

Couperose or redness on the face is mainly treated with vascular laser.

Healthy life habits are also important to prevent their appearance, outbreaks and / or maintain the results of laser treatments. Thus, a diet that avoids alcohol and spicy and irritating products such as vinegar and very hot drinks is recommended.