How to lose localized body fat

Some patients consult us for overweight with accumulation of generalized fat and others, by normal weight or slightly above, with localized fat.
At Ribe Clinic we make a medical visit to evaluate how to lose localized fat and make the appropriate treatment plan to burn this fat, either generalized or localized.

In case of overweight with generalized fat we start with a comprehensive plan that includes a specific diet to burn this fat and exercise. In the case of localized fat we propose medical treatments with machines to lose this fat.

Thus, sometimes it is not about losing weight, but about eliminating or burning fat in specific areas where it accumulates and is stubborn to exercise and diet. We refer to the fat of the abdominal area (“belly”), the flanks (“love handles”), the chin (“double chin”), the outer thighs, the arms…


How to lose localized fat?

To lose or reduce localized fat, mainly the most frequent, abdominal fat, a treatment or combination of several treatments will be recommended depending on each case. Thus, to lose or burn localized fat, in Ribe Clinic we have these corporal medical treatments:

  • COOLSCULPTING: is a medical technology that uses the cold to lose the fat located in abdomen, flanks, thighs, outer thighs, knees, arms, male chest, chin…
  • VELASHAPE III: is a medical technology that applies radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum to reshape and lose centimeters of abdominal fat, thighs, knees and arms.
  • INJECTION OF LIPOLYTIC SUBSTANCES: to burn localized body fat.
  • EXERCISE: PERSONAL TRAINER: in Ribe Clinic we have a gym and a personal trainer to do specific exercises to lose fat and tone the body and give a routine of exercises for the patient

How to lose or burn abdominal fat

Over the years it becomes increasingly difficult to remove that abdominal fat that, if not stopped in time, can take excessive proportions. In addition to being aesthetically unpleasant, it can have important long-term effects on our health.

Therefore, losing and burning abdominal fat is important, as well as being an aesthetic problem can have health consequences. The accumulation of abdominal fat may be due to different reasons, from genetics itself, hormonal changes or poor diet, to sedentary lifestyle or bad postures.

The doctor should assess if it is a visceral or subcutaneous abdominal fat to decide how to eliminate it. Visceral abdominal fat is the type of harmful fat that is found around the organs while the subcutaneous fat is under the skin.Thus, the abdominal fat stored around the organs, called visceral fat, increases the chances of suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer. On the other hand, the storage of fat in the thighs, buttocks or arms is much healthier than the “beer belly”.

To eliminate or lose visceral fat we recommend a combination of diet and exercise, while for subcutaneous fat located in the abdomen, medical treatments will reduce it.