Medical peelings to shrink larger pores

One of the most frequent worries today is having a skin with enlarged pores and wanting a treatment to make them smaller. Each pore corresponds to the exit orifice of the underlying sebaceous gland that produces sebum and deposits it on the skin. If the gland is very active, it produces a lot of sebum and the pores get bigger.


In Ribe Clinic medical peelings are applied to regulate sebum production by the sebaceous gland and to cleanse the skin, thus the skin has smaller pore size. By producing less amount of sebum, the exit hole of the gland that corresponds to the pore, will decrease its size, thus having a smaller pores.

What should I know about peeling treatment to treat enlarged pores?

The composition of the medical peel as a treatment for enlarged pores and its application form will depend on the type of skin and if there is an associated problem such as acne. So there are peels with glycolic acid, with retinoid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, citric acid…

The number of sessions of this treatment to shrink pores is usually 4 and is combined with home cleansing treatments and creams.