Facial rejuvenation: What does it mean?

Remove wrinkles? Luminous skin with glow and even tone? A more rested and fresher look? Skin with a uniform tone without spots or redness and closed pores? Be able to go out without makeup?

To achieve a youthful appearance with luminous skin with effectiveness and safety it is necessary to be in the hands of experienced specialists in the most advanced technologies and methods in facial rejuvenation.


The proposal of facial rejuvenation in Ribe Clinic

At Ribe Clinic we make an individualized protocol for each patient that starts at the base and consists of:

  • Provide uniformity of tone and luminosity: Fraxel DUAL laser, PicoWay laser and peelings.
  • Treat flaccidity: radiofrequency monopolar Thermage CPT, radiofrequency fractional subablative e-Matrix, tension threads.
  • Hydrate the skin: mesotherapy.
  • Treat wrinkles: injections with substances that block the facial muscles.
  • Restore lost volume with hyaluronic acid fillers.
  • Home care plan of products, nutritional supplements and healthy habits.