Pigment spots on the face

There are different types of brown spots on the skin of the body and on the face as well. A correct clinical diagnosis is very important before deciding to eliminate these pigment spots.

Why do these pigment spots come out on my face? What are the causes of these brown spots?

The brown spots on the face are an excessive accumulation of a pigment called melanin that is made by cells of our skin called melanocytes. These cells are present in the epidermal layer of the skin and their function is to produce this brown pigment under certain circumstances, in a normal way, to protect the DNA of other skin cells.

The causes of this facial skin pigmentation is an excess of sun exposure or hormonal stimuli. Under these conditions, the melanocytes present in the skin produce more melanin pigment than normal and uncontrolled and then it accumulates in neighboring cells, mainly keratinocytes, and that is when dark spots (age spots) appear on the face.

In short, the spots can appear by the sun, pregnancy, age, among others.


Treatment to remove brown pigment spots

The first thing is to diagnose that these brown spots spots, which have appeared on the face, are not malignant. If this is not the case, we identify what type of brown spot it is, and depending on the diagnosis we apply the most suitable treatment to remove the pigmentation.

Ribe Clinic has treatment to remove every pigment spot: