Remove or reduce cellulite with the comprehensive program of Ribe Clinic

Cellulite in most cases is caused by multiple causes, so in order to eliminate cellulite treatment is usually comprehensive, combining several therapies to act on each of the triggers.


In Ribe Clinic we analyze the constitution of the person, their type of cellulite and the causes that produce it, in order to select the most effective protocol that can include medical equipment, specific diet, nutritional supplements, sports and anti cellulite creams. It is a comprehensive program.

The new comprehensive program fights cellulite and muscle flaccidity.

PnK Cellulite Program

The PnK Cellulite Program is a new personalized medical treatment to comprehensively reduce cellulite and muscle flaccidity, indicated especially for women in normal weight (BMI * 20-25 kg / m2).

The PnK Cellulite Program includes medical control in Ribe Clinic, dietary monitoring by a team of dietitians-coach, detox diet, specific physical activity guidelines and specific products aimed at combating localized cellulite and muscle flaccidity.

PNK Cellulite is a new program of short duration, based on a multidisciplinary approach in 3 processes, which is adapted according to the degree of cellulite of each patient:

  • Performance in the restructuring process: cellulite leads to a breakdown of the subcutaneous fat tissue, causing alterations in the body shape and appearance of the skin in localized areas. This program to eliminate cellulite is designed to combat this destructuring from the first day.
  • Action in the process of edema through drainage: during the formation of cellulite an edema or fluid retention is generated that is necessary to drain
  • Performance in the lack of toning: it is important to tone the muscles to restore tone and reduce muscle flaccidity. You will also get a visual improvement of the skin, both in appearance and touch (orange peel)

Nutritional supplements

Tablets, capsules or infusions with effective assets to help remove accumulated fat. The nutricosmetics complete with the vitamins that our body needs and depending on its ingredients, can cover some needs or others. Drains remove waste and unclog tissues. The fat burners are responsible for activating the combustion and evacuation of fats.


Exercise and active life

Studies show that practicing muscle activity helps fight the orange peel effect because the deep and superficial muscles are strengthened, blood circulation is improved and the adipocyte metabolism is activated, reducing localized fat.


Anti cellulite creams

Increasingly effective by them and above all to enhance medical treatments and maintain the results obtained. Formulated with draining assets to fight against fluid retention and unclog tissue, burn fat (caffeine) and smooth the skin. The idea is to apply them by giving a massage, alternating drainage and roller movements, always from top to bottom.