Body flaccidity and sagging skin

From the age of 35-40 the first signs of flaccidity appear with a loss of firmness and sagging skin. The most affected areas by flaccidity are abdomen, inner side of thighs and arms. These signs of flaccidity can be seen in young patients due to important weight loss, after births, hormonal changes or special characteristics of the skin that make it more prone to flaccidity or sagging skin.

Body flaccidity is usually cutaneous and muscular. For this reason, medical-aesthetic procedures and / or surgery are used to treat flaccidity and firm sagging skin. Sport is also recommended to tone muscle.

The medical treatments to firm sagging skin are effective in cases of mild and moderate flaccidity and in patients with severe flaccidity, it is necessary to perform surgery. Currently, the tendency is to treat sagging skin at early ages and even prevent it by the best results and its naturalness.


Ribe Clinic protocol to firm mild and moderate sagging skin

At Ribe Clinic, we perform a diagnosis with a clinical history and evaluate the degree of flaccidity and if there are factors that predispose to sagging skin.

We designed a specific protocol to firm sagging skin for each patient that it may consist of a single treatment or a combination of several therapies Thus, to firm sagging skin we indicate:

  • Monopolar radiofrequency Thermage CPT
  • PDO tensioning threads
  • Specific diet and sport: diet rich in proteins and sports aimed at toning the muscles of the body. In Ribe Clinic we have a gym and a personal trainer that does an exercise routine combined with medical treatments to get the best result to firm sagging skin and to maintain the results