Body radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum to lose localized fat: Velashape III

To eliminate or lose localized fat, mainly the most frequent, abdominal and outer thighs fat, a treatment or combination of several treatments will be recommended depending on each case.


Ribe Clinic performs these corporal medical treatments to lose localized fat:

  • VELASHAPE III: is a medical technology that applies radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum to reshape and lose centimeters of abdominal fat, thighs, knees and arms
  • COOLSCULPTING: is a medical technology that uses the cold to lose the fat located in the abdomen, flanks, thighs, outer tights, knees, arms, male chest, chin… 
  • INJECTION OF LIPOLYTIC SUBSTANCES: to burn localized body fat. 
  • EXERCISE: PERSONAL TRAINER: in Ribe Clinic we have a gym and a personal trainer to do specific exercises to lose fat and tone up the body and give a routine of exercises for the patient to do at home.

Courtesy of Dr. Ruthie Amir

At Ribe Clinic, a first visit is made where a clinical history and a global analysis of the patient’s silhouette are made. We analyze which areas have lose localized fat, and then a personalized plan will be designed to apply the adequate technology to burn this fat.

Dr. Adriana Ribé, dermatopathologist and Ribe Clinic Director, is one of the pioneers in offering VelaShape III.

What is Velashape III device?

VelaShape III is the most recognized non-invasive body treatment on the market today. It is the perfect solution to treat localized fat and reshape the body. This body treatment is supported by the extensive experience of Syneron with more than 10 years of clinical results, more than 5 million treatments performed worldwide and more published studies than any other medical device of remodeling the figure.

In some cases, Dr. Adriana Ribé performs a very effective combined medical protocol to lose the most stubborn fat. She sculpts the figure and tightens the skin, combining two cutting-edge techniques: VelaShape III and CoolsSculpting®. The combination of both techniques enhances and improves the results to lose body fat and reshape.

The medical device Velashape III has elos® technology (radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum) that burns body fat and tightens the skin in abdomen, thighs, hips and arms.

The combination of the absorption (vacuum) and infrared technology together with the radiofrequency technology produces the heating of fat cells (adipocytes) increasing their metabolism, the surrounding fibrous septa and the underlying dermal fibers of collagen. The result of this heating is the reduction in volume and an overall improvement of the structure and texture of the skin.

The new Velashape III has increased its power (150W, compared to the 25W of other machines) and effectiveness in the treatment to burn fat, body remodeling and loss of cm of the abdominal contour. The remodeling results are more visible in the first session than before and the sessions are also reduced, going from 6 to 8 sessions to only 3 or 5 sessions.

In addition, its mechanism of action in the treatment to lose localized fat is more sophisticated, the treatment time decreases and includes the new VContour applicator with heads of different sizes that allow to treat larger areas with localized fat.

VelaShape III is indicated to reduce and lose localized fat, remodeling the figure and improving the quality of the skin. It is an easy to use, non-invasive treatment, with immediate, comfortable and effective action. The result is a decrease in the volume of the treated area, an overall improvement in the structure and texture of the skin and a localized reduction of sagging.

The protocol in Ribe Clinic in the treatment to lose localized fat with the medical device VelaShape III has been developed to treat localized fat by heating the tissues to a high temperature (42º) that remains constant and achieves optimum and reproducible results. Clinical studies indicate that patients can lose about 1 to 3 cm in a single session and improve the quality and appearance of the skin.

In the treatment to lose fat and body remodeling: 3-5 sessions are recommended: 1 every 15 days.

However, the treatments to lose localized fat are individualized. Also, maintenance plan must be scheduled that will depend on the patient’s habits as well as their demands.

In addition, the machine has a program especially suitable for women after giving birth.

Yes. Although we all look for long-term effects in the reduction of localized fat because we want to maintain the result of the treatment, it is also true that we always want it to be noticed quickly. The treatment with VelaShapeIII achieves a fast effect in 1 session and also, when completing the protocol of 3 sessions, the result is greater and stays more in time.

It is a good question, because it is one of the great concerns of patients. In the case of VelaShape III we manage to reduce volume and treat flaccidity thanks to its elos® technology (radiofrequency, infrared and vacuum) which, in addition to remodeling the body’s fat, tightens the skin.

After the treatment of localized fat with VelaShape III it is recommended to exercise because as we increase the metabolism of the adipocyte by heating it with this device, we must help eliminate this fat that we are mobilizing. So, exercise helps us eliminate this fat that we have treated. This is why Ribe Clinic offers its gym to work out after Velashape III treatments.