Enlarged facial pores

Some patients are worried and even obsess (porexia) about the size of their pores which are enlarged and look for treatments to shrink them down. A skin with large pores does not look fine, it looks dull and usually gets dirty more easily.

Characteristics of facial skin with enlarged pores

It must be known that each pore corresponds to the exit orifice of a sebaceous gland. Thus, very oily skin, have glands that produce more sebum than usual and this is excreted on the surface of the skin by dilating the duct and the surface opening giving the appearance of skin with an “open pore”. Also with age, the appearance of flaccidity can give a enlarged pores appearance.


How can large pores be treated to make them appear smaller?

In Ribe Clinic we use several methods and technologies to shrink the enlarged pores, acting mainly in the sebaceous gland. Thus, we apply the following treatments to make the large pores smaller:

  • Medical peelings that regulate the secretion of sebum by the sebaceous gland.
  • Fraxel laser: the laser light acts on the sebaceous gland, decreasing sebum production and managing to shrink the large pores.
  • Medical creams with active principles that act on the sebaceous gland regulating its function and on sebum modifying its composition.