Treatments Pre and Post medical procedures Skinceuticals

PRE: The results of an aesthetic procedure begin with the preparation of the skin. This pre treatment improves the skin texture and leaves it ready for the chosen procedure. Thus, it will improve the results of the medical treatment and recovery of it if there is downtime. We recommend the pre treatment 10/14 days before any laser procedure, injectables and / or infiltrations.

POST: It consists of treatments that combine SkinCeuticals professional products with massage techniques that enhance the results of the aesthetic medical procedure, achieving a global and long-lasting effect.

Pre-procedure protocols Skinceuticals

Treatment of the skin with skinceuticals products to improve its texture and prepare it for a better result of the medical-aesthetic procedures performed. It is done 10/14 days before the medical-aesthetic procedure. For better results it is recommended to continue with the SkinCeuticals home-care.

Post-procedure protocols Skinceuticals

  • Post-laser rejuvenation: Accelerates recovery by stimulating the generation of high-quality collagen and improving the overall results of the procedure.
  • Post-injections: Hydrates in depth, improves texture, unifies the tone and increases the luminosity of the skin for a global rejuvenation aspect.
  • Post-hyaluronic acid: Unifies the tone and texture of the skin, providing luminosity and hydration and enhancing the result of injectables.
  • Post-radiofrequency: Maintains the results of the radiofrequency between sessions. Improves the texture and general tone of the skin for a visible rejuvenation at all levels.