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Mesotherapy to get a glowing skin

Glow and hydration to the skin of the face gives an appearance of “freshness, youth and healthy skin“.

One of the most used methods to get glowing skin is mesotherapy. It can be done as monotherapy or combined with other procedures such as peeling, laser or radiofrequency.


It is very important to know and give guarantees of the products that are injected in the face to get glowing skin. At Ribe Clinic the quality and safety of all our products is guaranteed.

Ribe Clinic protocol to get glowing skin with mesotherapy

The Ribe Clinic medical professional evaluates the patient’s skin condition and designs an individualized facial mesotherapy protocol to bring luminosity to the skin of the face.

If we have a patient with a matte, dull and dehydrated skin that seeks to brighten their face, we recommend mesotherapy sessions combined with peeling. We also prescribed a home treatment consisting of specific creams for the skin type and nutritional supplements that are precursors of collagen and hyaluronic acid.

Characteristics of mesotherapy treatment to get glowing skin

What is the treatment of mesotherapy to get glowing skin?

The mesotherapy treatment for glowing skin consists of multiple intradermal shallow injections of hyaluronic acid as well as other essential nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, anti oxidants, nucleic and mineral bases) to nourish the skin in depth, soften the thin lines and return the luminosity to the skin of the face.

How many sessions of facial mesotherapy do I need for glowing skin?

It will depend on the state of the skin of the face. In general 4 sessions of mesotherapy are performed to give glow to the skin (1 session / 2-4 weeks).

After this initial treatment maintenance is scheduled that will depend on the skin quality and it is usually 1 session every 3 months.

How is the facial mesotherapy treatment for glowing skin? Is it safe? Is it painful?

The treatment session for glowing skin lasts 15-30 minutes. Depending on the depth of the administration of the product, more superficial or medium dermis, it can be done after application of topical anesthetic cream for greater comfort or usually, without anesthesia. Patients do not describe it as a painful treatment. It is a “lunch time” procedure that we often do at meal time.

After the session a soothing moisturizer and sun protection factor is applied. And in some cases, we add 10 min of LEDs light therapy to activate the formation of collagen (red LEDs) and / or reduce inflammation and calm (yellow LEDS).

The treatment for glowing skin is effective and safe. Many patients perform this brightness treatment on the same day as an event since the skin is very hydrated and shiny.