hilos tensores PDO

PDO threads to firm sagging skin of face and neck

The treatment with PDO threads to firm sagging skin of face and neck is a non-surgical anti aging therapy to combat the signs of aging such as flaccidity and to elevate the facial structures.


Through the placement in the dermis of several threads of PDO (Fine Thread Contour Therapy) bio resorbable, we treat the flaccidity of the face from the inside and also stimulate the activation of collagen in the skin.

Characteristics of PDO threads to firm sagging skin

How do the threads act in the treatment to firm sagging skin of face and neck?

The PDO tensioning threads to affirm the face and neck are implanted in the dermis by a technique designed and performed by Korean dermatologists. Its placement is very similar to the mesh filling technique.

The PDO threads used to treat the sagging of the face and neck are bio resorbable, apyrogenic monofilaments, they are non-toxic and are composed of Polydioxanone PDO, a material used in cardiac sutures (hence its great security from years of experience).

When introducing the threads in the dermis by means of a fine needle they act by tensing by a physical effect and also by the stimulation of the collagen in the direction in which they have been injected.

What are the results with the treatment with PDO threads to firm sagging skin of face and neck?

The firming effect on face and neck is immediate. In addition, the improvement is increased to 30 days of the session and is consolidated after 3 months of the same.

The results of this treatment to firm up the face and neck vary according to the age of the patient, the level of flaccidity and the quality of the skin. The result with a single treatment has a durability of about 10 to 12 months.

It is a safe treatment that very rarely entails complications, since it is a non-aggressive procedure. Only slight swelling, bruising and tightness that may disappear may appear.

Combination of treatments to firm sagging skin of face and neck

The combination of the radiofrequency of Thermage CPT and the threads PDO offers a superior result when treating flaccidity. Each technique separately increases and reinforces the production of collagen, so the union of both gets an even greater increase. It does not consist simply in combining the benefits of each treatment, but its union further enhances the results and benefits of each one to reaffirm the face and neck.

Thus, Thermage first activates the formation of collagen and contracts by heat and from 1-2 weeks we inject the threads that will act on a skin already “activated and more receptive” increasing the final result in better firmness and faster.