Medical creams to treat juvenile and adult acne

One of the most frequent consultations is active acne, both juvenile and adult, as well as post acne marks and scars.

In Ribe Clinic, several therapies are carried out to treat active juvenile or adult acne according to the type of acne and if there is pathology added to active acne such as spots, marks and scars.


In cases of active acne, both juvenile and adult, there are two main things: a good skin cleansing and apply appropriate medical creams. There are many types of products to clean the skin and creams with different compositions that seek to clean the waste on the skin, remove dead cells, regulate the production of sebum, detoxify…

It is important to go to a skin specialist who will evaluate your case and propose the appropriate treatment.

In Ribe Clinic, Dr. Adriana Ribé, Dermatopathologist, will propose your treatment in monotherapy or combining several treatments, from professional cleaning in the clinic to home care, the application of LEDs, peels or laser.

Treatment with creams for juvenile and adult acne

In general, the recommendations for active acne are:

  • Correct cleaning of the skin with suitable products: Facial hygiene is the basic treatment for this type of skin, in which you always have to use specific products for oily-combination skin or for skin with acne.
    The day and night cleaning is the best way to remove excess fat that forms a film too thick on the surface layer of the skin, mixed with makeup and environmental dirt, end up irritating and intoxicate the skin. In addition, it is important to remove make-up with the use of specific micellar waters for the care of acne skin.
    At Ribe Clinic we have a department (specific area) where a professional cleans your skin and also teaches you how to do it at home.
  • Creams: After cleaning the skin of face, neck and neckline, it is advisable to apply a cream with active ingredients anti acne or a mattifying cream that diminishes the shine of the skin generated by the excess of fat.

To prevent and treat acne there are various active ingredients aimed at treating different aspects of acne. Gluconolactone, to treat the inflammatory component of acne as well as providing a gentle peel, and Zinc-PCA, as an active regulator of the sebum production of the sebaceous gland. Also creams with glycolic acid, with retinoids, salicylic acid, lactic acid, citric acid…

Thus, it is important that a medical professional evaluates the state of the skin and chooses the type of cleaning products and creams most suitable to combat active acne, both juvenile and adult and also treat other skin conditions.