Vaginal rejuvenation

In the feminine genital area there are morphological and functional changes associated with the natural evolution of our body (changes and lack of hormones) and situations in our lives such as pregnancy, childbirth and intense exercise. There may also be an intimate area with larger or smaller lips with a larger size than usual that give aesthetic and / or functional problems.

These changes of the intimate area of ​​the woman are translated into symptoms such as vaginal laxity, urinary incontinence, dryness and vulvovaginal atrophy. And it can affect the functional, sexual and aesthetic life of the genital area of ​​women.

tratamiento rejuvenecimiento vaginal RibeClinic

What is vaginal rejuvenation and when is it indicated?

Vaginal rejuvenation is a treatment to improve skin flaccidity, texture changes and pigmentation of the feminine genital area.

These morphological and functional changes are related to the passage of years, births and also, alterations in the pigmentation of the genital area may be due to hormonal changes.

Vaginal rejuvenation after 3 sessions. Dr. Patricia Wallace

How is the vaginal rejuvenation treatment with genital laser?

The vaginal rejuvenation treatment is done with laser.

Genital CO2 Laser

  • Genital fractional CO2 laser: it is a laser that has a specific vaginal hand piece and a program with some parameters indicated for vaginal rejuvenation treatment. The gynecological hand piece has a scanner inside the vaginal canal allowing the laser to act directly on the vaginal and / or urethral mucosa.

With this technology there is a contraction of the vaginal mucosa and / or the immediate urethra. Thanks to its biostimulation effect on the mucosa and the subepithelial chorion generates new collagen with a wall of the vagina and the more contracted urethra. Additionally, the mucosa has more layers of cells and with more glycogen in its interior, that is, a mucosa healthier and renewed.


Treatment of larger genital lips than usual

  • Fractional CO2 genital laser with an external hand piece and with specific parameters for this treatment. This gynecological hand piece can be used with a scanner to contract or bleach the lips or with parameters to cut-vaporize the tissue of the lip that we want to eliminate.
Pieza de mano externa del láser CO2 para tratar la sequedad y atrofia menopáusica

External hand piece of CO2 laser to perform feminine genital rejuvenation


What is the protocol for the treatment of genital rejuvenation with laser?

The genital laser treatment to rejuvenate the intimate feminine area and the labia majora and minora are performed without anesthesia and without postoperative home-care (in some cases a numbing cream for laser treatment is applied). Two-three sessions of genital laser that last approximately 20 minutes, spaced 1 month are recommended. Depending on the patient’s need, 1 maintenance session per year can be considered.


What is needed before doing the vaginal rejuvenation treatment with genital laser?

Before undergoing genital laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation, a visit with gynecological physical examination and cervico-vaginal cytology is recommended.


What is needed after doing the genital rejuvenation treatment with laser?

  • The doctor should evaluate the treated area that may have a mild redness that is normal.
  • An aqueous lubricant can be applied.
  • Keep the area clean and wash it with warm water and a soft gel.
  • It is recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse for 7 days.
  • It is recommended not to use tampons for 7 days.
  • 7 day follow-up appointment is recommended in some cases.