Medical creams for skin with large pores

One of the most frequent worriers and obsessions (porexia) today is to have a skin with enlarged pores, so patients seek treatments to shrink them.


Each pore corresponds to the exit orifice of the underlying sebaceous gland that produces sebum and deposits it on the skin. If the gland is very active, it produces a lot of sebum and the orifice dilates.

Characteristics of treatments with medical creams for skin with large pores

In Ribe Clinic a routine of care is recommended to do at home to treat the skin with enlarged pores and thus make them smaller:

  • Deep cleaning with sonic brushes: the best way to reduce the size of the pore and shrink it more is to keep it clean of excess oil and bacteria.
  • Creams with alpha, beta and polyhydroxy acids to eliminate the rest of dead cells, as well as mattifying creams.
  • Creams with glycolic acid, salicylic acid in young skins and lactic acid for more mature skins. Also useful are creams with retinol and retinoic acid.
  • Chemical exfoliation with retinoids, smoother enzymatic or physical with granules of corundum or aluminum crystals.