Coolsculpting treatment in Barcelona to remove localized fat

At Ribe Clinic, a first visit is made, where a clinical history and physical exam with global analysis of the patient’s silhouette are performed to analyze which areas have localized fat. Then, a personalized plan will be designed to lose fat.


In cases of localized fat, Dr. Adriana Ribé from Barcelona recommends the authentic technology, of exclusive medical use, based on the cold to eliminate fat cells: CoolSculpting® in Barcelona. No need for surgery or injection, CoolSculpting® technology is the alternative to liposuction that says goodbye to love handles on the flanks and abdomen, as well as the localized fat of the back (bra roll), waist, legs, dorsal, chin, inner thighs, knees, male chest and “banana roll”, in a comfortable and painless way.

Dr. Eric Bachelor

Dr. Eric Bachelor

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Dr. John B. Fasano

Dr. Eric Bachelor

Dr. Eric Bachelor

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Dr. Leyda Bowes

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Dr. Barry DiBernardo

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CoolSculpting® technology was developed by the renowned scientists at Harvard University, Drs. D. Manstein and R. Anderson. The proven science on which this treatment is based is that cold can selectively affect fat. CoolSculpting® has the exclusive license of the patented cryolipolysis technology by Massachusetts General Hospital.

Ribe Clinic has been pioneer in presenting CoolSculpting® in Spain and in Barcelona in 2012 and has the excellence certificate of performance. Currently, Ribe Clinic has thousands of treatments performed with the new CoolAdvantage to lose localized fat.

The market study indicates up to a 95% customer satisfaction rate with the CoolSculpting® procedure to eliminate localized fat.

Characteristics of the CoolSculpting ® technology

You can remove fat from all areas where it accumulates as: abdomen (belly fat), flanks, “roll” under the bra, waist, dorsal, outer thighs, inner thighs, arms, legs, knees, chin, men’s chest, “banana roll “…

Ribe Clinic has been a pioneer in presenting the latest novelty of CoolSculpting®: CoolAdvantage and has performed thousands of treatments with high patients’ satisfaction.

The new family of applicators called CoolAdvantage ™ improves its previous version. A wider cup design to treat a larger area of ​​fat, a lower temperature and a treatment time reduced by half. Thus, we have better results, faster and in less time (35 min) to eliminate localized fat.

Authentic CoolSculpting® technology works by freezing fat cells that will die gradually through a process called “induced apoptosis”. The cold is administered through some heads that have cold cups and are placed on the area that we are going to treat according to the protocol marked by the doctor. There are different heads of CoolSculpting® to adapt to the area to be treated in a comfortable way, without causing pain, eliminating fat and sculpting the figure.

The specialist will perform a global assessment of the patient to address possible areas of treatment to remove fat, adapting the protocol to each type of body for a real transformation, under the Treatment to Transformation protocol.

After treatment with CoolSculpting®, the fat cells enter an apoptotic death sequence and the body gradually eliminates them as part of the phagocytosis process. Thus, it is possible to reduce the localized fat by 30% (per session) in the treated area with visible results after the third week, its optimal point being at three months. All this, without the need for injections or surgery, only with the application of controlled cold.

The results are definitive, since we eliminate fat cells of the organism, as long as we maintain a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and practice sports.

This treatment to lose fat is not a painful treatment. During the first 5-8 minutes of the application of the cold as well as when removing it you may notice a discomfort that patients describe as “tingling sensation”.

After the treatment to remove the fat, no special care is required.

Zeltiq has been working closely with doctors on a new and advanced concept called “Treatment to Transformation”. This comprehensive approach works by making an overall assessment of the patient by addressing all possible treatment areas and recommending a sufficient number of treatments in a given area to meet the concerns and results desired by the patient.

With more than 9,000,000 patients successfully treated worldwide, CoolSculpting® technology is 100% safe as it is the only one patented by the FDA and CE. It does not damage the surrounding tissues and allows you to return to normal life immediately after treatment to eliminate fat.

“The CoolSculpting procedure has stood the test of time with more than 10 years of safety and efficacy data, with more than 60 published clinical studies and four million treatments performed worldwide. For these reasons and others, the CoolSculpting procedure has established itself as the gold standard in the elimination of non-invasive fat, “says Dr. Adriana Ribé from Barcelona.

It is the most revolutionary and effective unisex protocol with which to eliminate localized fat and remodel the body without surgery or injections.

Dr. Adriana Ribé has created an effective medical protocol to eliminate the most stubborn fat, sculpt the figure, and tighten the skin, combining two cutting-edge techniques: CoolSculpting® and VelaShape III.

The combination of both techniques enhances and improves the results to eliminate body fat and remodel.CoolSculpting® is combined with Velashape III technology that enhances volume reduction and improves skin texture and fights flaccidity.