Skin lightening: How can I have a glowing skin?

One of the most frequent demands of our patients is “skin lightening” and also they want “a luminous skin”, “a face with more glow” since a luminous facial skin is a sign of health and beauty.

The luminosity of the skin of the face is related to a well hydrated skin. It is achieved by retaining water in the facial skin thanks to the hyaluronic acid that acts as a “sponge” and the collagen fibers.

In Ribe Clinic we have the latest technology and injectable materials with which we design individualized protocols for each patient with the aim to get a glowing skin and do skin lightening. These protocols can be in monotherapy or in combination, depending on the skin condition of the patient’s face.


Protocol of Ribe Clinic to have a glowing skin and skin lightening

The treatments to give luminosity to the skin of the face consist of:

  • Activate the production of collagen with:
    – Non ablative fractional laser
     – Fractional pico second laser
     – LEDs
  • Inject hyaluronic acid, amino acids and vitamins with mesotherapy.
  • Perform peelings, apply specific medical creams for home use and take nutritional supplements (nutricosmetics) precursors of collagen and hyaluronic acid.