What is cellulite?

The word cellulite refers to the inflammation of the cell tissue that is under the skin, especially in the thighs, the gluteus region and the abdomen. Cellulite breaks down the subcutaneous fat tissue and causes alterations in the body shape and appearance of the skin. As a result, cellulite creates small holes responsible for the much feared orange peel.

Characteristics and types of cellulite

There are several types of cellulite: edematous cellulite (known as soft cellulite) and fibrotic cellulite (hard or compact).

Cellulite is a disease that affects 98% of the Spanish population, the vast majority of them women.

Cellulite along with localized fat are not only one of the most widespread aesthetic problems, but they are also the most difficult to eliminate. An inadequate diet, low physical activity and genetic factors may be the main causes of the appearance of localized cellulite.


How can I eliminate cellulite? Treatments to remove cellulite

Removing cellulite or improving it is possible, but as it is a multifactorial problem, a combined treatment plan and maintenance are usually required to consolidate the results.

At Ribe Clinic we have all the latest technologies to perform aesthetic medical treatments to remove or reduce cellulite.

It is important to make a visit with the doctor who will evaluate our type of cellulite and assess the degree of it and the factors that cause it. Thus, we can define a specific treatment to remove or reduce cellulite that can consist of a treatment, or more frequently, in the combination of several. So to remove or reduce cellulite we have:

  • The newest treatment: Bipolar infrared body radiofrequency and vacuum Velashape III.
  • Carboxytherapy: A medical technique that consists of injecting carbonic anhydride (CO2) subcutaneously with a fine needle and accompanied by a massage. The result is the improvement of blood flow and mobilization of embedded fat, which significantly improves the appearance of the skin and decreases the volume and heaviness of the legs.
  • Mesotherapy: It consists of subcutaneously injecting products that act on the accumulated fat and the retained liquid. It is recommended especially in cases of microcirculatory problems and diffuse cellulite.
  • Specific diet: To avoid the appearance of cellulite do not have to be overweight or follow monotonous diets because they promote the storage of fats. In addition, avoid the abuse of prepared dishes, cheeses and charcuterie, salt, cooked fats, fried foods, slow refined sugars (white bread) and foods containing casein (yogurt, white cheese). Conversely, the most suitable products to combat the accumulation of fat are lean meat, blue fish, fresh and dried fruits and vegetables and rice.
  • Nutritional supplements: Tablets, capsules or infusions with effective assets to help eliminate accumulated fats. The nutricosmetics complete the vitamins that our body needs and depending on its ingredients it can cover some needs or others. Drains remove waste and unclog tissues.
    Among the most effective components are: green tea, caffeine, mate, chicory, orthosiphon, horse chestnut, cherry tail, cactus fruit or ulmaria. The fat burners are responsible for activating the combustion and evacuation of fats. For this purpose, pepper, horsetail, virgin tea or green coffee are recommended.
  • Anti-cellulite creams: Increasingly effective by themselves and above all to enhance medical treatments and maintain the results obtained. Formulated with draining assets to fight against fluid retention and unclog tissue, burn fat (caffeine) and smooth the skin. The idea is to apply them by giving a massage alternating drainage and roller movements, always from top to bottom.
  • Exercise and active life: Studies show that practicing muscle activity helps to combat the orange peel effect because the deep and superficial muscles are strengthened, blood circulation is improved and the adipocyte metabolism is activated by reducing localized fat.