Firm sagging skin of face and neck with Silhouette threads

This treatment to firm sagging skin of face and neck consists of the application of absorbable threads with bi-directional cones, composed mainly of polylactic acid, which act in the deep layers of the skin.


These silhouette threads have an immediate effect that is produced by the anchoring of the cones and another progressive tension because they stimulate the body naturally to make its own collagen. This action, which lasts over time, favors tension in the areas with flaccidity and returns to the face its profile progressively and completely natural.

Silhouette Soft combines two effects: elevate and regenerate.

Treatment characteristics with Silhouette tension threads

This treatment to reaffirm the face is recommended for patients over 30 who want to fight effectively against the signs of aging, without uncomfortable and invasive treatments but with real and natural results.

They are patients of all skin types who want to reaffirm different parts of the face such as the contour, jaw, cheeks and cheekbones, eyebrows and neck.

The doctor evaluates the case of the patient and some lines of tension are defined where the threads will be inserted. In sterile conditions local anesthetic is injected at the entry and exit points of the thread and then the Silhouette Soft thread is placed. The technique and the experience of the doctor are very important.

This treatment to firm the face lasts approximately 30 minutes. There is an immediate tension and a progressive one that lasts around 18 months depending on the condition of the skin.