Corporal treatment to firm sagging skin: Fine Thread Contour Therapy

What are the FTC (Fine Thread Contour Therapy) PDO threads and how do they work in the treatment to firm sagging skin?

FTC (Fine Thread Contour Therapy) is a revolutionary non-surgical antiaging therapy to firm sagging skin and combat the signs of aging such as sagging body skin.

The tensor threads are monofilaments bio-resorbable, apyrogenic and are composed of Polidioxanona PDO, material used in cardiac sutures (hence its great security).

Through the placement in the dermis of several threads of bio-resorbable PDO, flaccidity is improved from the inside because it stimulates the activation of collagen in the skin and firms sagging skin.

The FTC tension threads are implanted in the dermis by a technique designed and performed by Korean dermatologists. Its placement is very similar to the mesh filling technique.


What are the results of FTC PDO threads to firm body sagging skin?

The corporal firming effect of the tension threads is immediate and this improvement increases 30 days after the session and is consolidated after 3 months of the session. Body firming of sagging skin is mild and therefore this treatment with tension threads is indicated in cases of mild and / or local flaccidity or in combination therapy with other treatments such as body monopolar radiofrequency.

In addition, the results vary according to patient’s age, level of body flaccidity and the quality of the skin. The result of this technique for body flaccidity with a single treatment has a durability of about 10 to 12 months.

This corporal treatment to firm sagging skin is safe and very rarely it entails complications, since it is a non-aggressive procedure. Only slight swelling, bruising and tightness that disappear may appear.

Ribe Clinic protocol to firm sagging corporal skin with FTC PDO tensioning threads

At Ribe Clinic, we perform a diagnosis with a clinical history and physical exam to evaluate the degree of flaccidity and if there are factors that predispose to flaccidity.

We design a personalized protocol for each patient to firm sagging skin, which may consist of a single treatment or the combination of several.

Depending on the degree of body flaccidity, the tension threads, the body radiofrequency Thermage CPT or the combination of both are proposed, in order to firm sagging skin and achieve a superior result when treating flaccidity.

Each of these two techniques separately increases and reinforces the production of collagen, so the union of both gets an even greater increase. It does not simply consist of combining the benefits of each treatment, but its union reaffirms more, since it further enhances the results and benefits of each separately, in the treatment of body flaccidity.
Thus, the Thermage CPT first activates the formation of collagen and contracts by heat and from 1-2 weeks we inject the threads, which will act on a skin already “activated and more receptive”, increasing the final result with better firmness and more quickly.

To improve the results and above all to maintain them, depending on the case to firm sagging skin, we recommend to the patient a consultation with our personal trainer at Ribe Clinic gym to propose a routine of exercises to tone the muscle and / or sessions of electro stimulation with the trainer.