Exercise with a personal trainer at the Ribe Clinic gym

Some patients consult for overweight with accumulation of generalized fat and others, in normal weight or slightly above the weight, with localized fat.

At Ribe Clinic we make a medical visit to evaluate the proper treatment to lose and burn this fat, either generalized or localized.


Over the years it becomes increasingly difficult to lose localized or generalized fat that, if not stopped in time, can take excessive proportions. In addition to being unaesthetic, it can have important effects on our long-term health.

At Ribe Clinic we carry out a comprehensive treatment plan to lose fat and tone up the muscles that includes specific diet, exercise and equipment to lose this fat. Thus, individually we will propose according to the case:

  • Diet and healthy habits to lose fat
  • Medical treatments with devices to burn localized fat (Coolsculpting and Velashape III)
  • Exercise with personal trainer: electric muscle stimulation to burn fat and tone the muscles


Ribe Clinic has a gym with a personal trainer. We work with the most modern system in the fitness sector, electric muscle stimulation vest, a very efficient system that has been implanted in Ribe Clinic for several years. We know that every day we have less time to dedicate to ourselves and with this system we get our patients to come and have the best tools to achieve their personal goals.

In our comprehensive treatment plan to lose and burn fat, our patients have a personal trainer that will help them in their daily habits and motivate them to achieve their goals to lose fat and tone the body.

The training plan to lose fat and tone has three programs:

  1. We start with the cardiovascular system with a metabolic program that helps us accelerate our body in a controlled way, in just 20 minutes. After the exercise we can get to burn more than 3000 Kcal per session.
  2. Next, we work the strength of our body. We will tone up our muscles in an easy way and without any risk for our joints. We will work on the strength as it is essential to avoid problems with age (injuries, broken bones, flaccidity with time …)
  3. And finally we apply the draining massage program. With this program we will help to relax the muscles, oxygenate them much better and help to reduce fat and cellulite from the most difficult areas.

The electric muscle stimulation training with the vest lasts about 20 minutes in which the patient is pushed to maximum to get unbeatable results in less time than any conventional training.

Protocol of exercise and personal training at the Ribe Clinic gym to lose fat

First, a visit is made with Dr. Adriana Ribé who individualizes her comprehensive treatment plan.

The training plan at Ribe Clinic gym within the comprehensive body treatment plan to lose and burn fat consists of:

  • A personalized work led by a personal trainer in the clinic in a specific space
  • 1-2 weekly training sessions
  • 20 -30 minute training
  • Individual sessions according to the medical criteria and the personal objective: lose fat, improve posture, tone up…