How can I have a skin with a uniform tone, without spots, without redness, without brightness and with glow?

One of the most frequent demands of our patients is that they ask us “a skin with an even tone, without redness, without spots, without shine… and with luminosity”.

Patients want to have a skin with the effect of when we put makeup on, to unify the tone, cover spots and redness, matify and eliminate shine. A uniform skin tone is a sign of health and beauty.

A uniform skin tone, which does not require putting makeup on to look good, just go out with moisturizer, requires no spots, redness, shine and good hydration.

At Ribe Clinic we have the latest medical technology with which we design individualized protocols for each patient with the aim of having a skin with a uniform and even tone, with light that can look just as beautiful and healthy without having to apply makeup. These protocols can be in monotherapy or in combination, depending on the skin condition of the patient’s face.


Protocol of Ribe Clinic to have uniform skin tone, without shine, or sebum and with luminosity

The treatments to have even tone and luminosity of the skin of the face consist of:

  • Activate the production of collagen to give hydration and density, regulate the production of sebum by the sebaceous gland and to eliminate pigmented spots with:
    – Non ablative fractional laser Fraxel
     – Fractional picosecond laser Picoway
  • Apply specific medical creams for home use and take nutritional supplements (nutricosmetics), precursors of collagen and hyaluronic acid.