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Fraxel laser: re:store Dual

The technology behind Fraxel treatment is as revolutionary as the results it can deliver. Unlike other laser treatments, Fraxel treatment is able to precisely treat thousands of microscopic areas of skin, using pinpoint laser beams that penetrate beneath the skin's surface to eliminate old, damaged skin cells. Fraxel treatment stimulates the body's own natural healing process which replaces damaged skin with fresh, glowing, healthy skin.

Your personalized Fraxel treatment plan at RibeClinic

Your skin is unique, "your genetic make-up", lifestyle and personal history all contribute to how your skin looks and feels. With Fraxel treatment, Dra. Adriana Ribe, can develop a treatment plan tailored to your skin's individual needs.

By design, Fraxel treatments can target between approximately 5 to 50 percent of the skin's surface, leaving teh remaining 50 to 95% percent available to quickly heal the treated areas. Since Fraxel treatment is so precise, it's safe and effective on delicate skin areas like the neck, chest and hands, in addition to the face. You can expect two levels of results, immediate and progressive. Immediately, after initial healing is complete, the surface of your skin will feel softer, look brighter, and tone will start to become even. Progressively results occur over the next three to six months as the deeper layers of the skin continue to heal.

There are two wavelengths in the Fraxel device: 1927nm and 1550nm. We can choose one or both of them based on the pathology we want to treat. This is the new DUAL Fraxel laser.

We can treat: photoaging, wrinkles around the eyes, sun spots, acne scars, scars...

Usually, between 4-5 sessions are needed (1 session/2-4 weeks).

After the laser treatment, some degree of redness and swelling can appear. The intensity and duration depends on how aggressive the treatment was and your particular healing characteristics. But, in general, these symptoms are mild.

What precautions should you take after the treatment? Wear sun screen and apply regenerative and calming cream.

How long do the effects of Fraxel treatment last? It depends on your particular condition and how you care for your skin. Once your skin is restored, continue to follow Dra. Adriana Ribe's specific advice for a long lasting results.



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