AcuPulse CO2

AcuPulse CO2

AcuPulse is a CO2 10,600 nm laser equipment with MultiMode technology.

This CO2 laser equipment has the best ablation / coagulation ratio in the market that allows you to perform faster and safer treatments, with the minimum risk for the patient.

This CO2 laser equipment is indicated for ablative resurfacing treatments for rejuvenation, traumatic, acne and post-surgery scars, elimination of benign lesions nevus type, or seborrheic keratoses and genital area (vagina and vulva) treatments. It is also used for surgery.

The AcuPulse CO2 laser has the following technology:

  • Acuscan120: Superficial and deep fractional treatments in the same scanner
  • Surgitouch: Great precision in all types of surgical treatments
  • FemTouch ™: It addresses the conditions related to vaginal health, remodeling the vaginal mucosa tissue and vulvar. The treatment is able to contract, tighten and rehydrate the vaginal wall thanks to the stimulation of the collagen fibers by the thermal effect of the laser, producing a neocollagenogenesis throughout the tissue of the vaginal wall. In the vulva, it is used to trim-remodel the labia majora and minora and to whiten the skin and mucosa.

AcuPulse is a complete CO2 laser equipment that integrates advanced technology to meet all types of medical and aesthetic requirements.