Fractional CO2 laser technology accurately extracts in a pixelated form the outer layers of damaged and aged skin to expose the underlying skin that appears smoother, and younger.

It consists of the emission of thousands of tiny beams, which penetrate the skin in the form of deep thermal columns to the deep dermis. These thermal columns are areas of microscopic wounds separated by healthy surrounding tissue, which contains cells capable of promoting rapid healing. The energy that penetrates the deep dermis removes the collagen as well as the traditional old CO2 laser, but without its side effects.

The fractional CO2 laser is used to treat superficial and deep facial lines and wrinkles. It allows more intense skin rejuvenation than other similar treatments such as peelings, dermabrasion or IPL. It is performed in specific areas such as around the mouth, and the eyes, eyelids, on the entire facial surface, neckline, neck and back of the hands.It is also used to treat cases of moderate-severe acne marks, even in different types of spots and improves sagging.

The results are seen immediately, also observing a gradual improvement as the collagen is rearranged.