Ribe Clinic facilities

Barcelona’s most innovative dermo-laser technology platform, Ribe Clinic, is currently the most advanced dermo-cosmetic laser platform, whose treatments are performed by experienced doctors, to offer effective and safe results.

The objective of Ribe Clinic is to offer its patients the latest technological advances in laser and other devices technology. For this, Ribe Clinic has the best lasers and other devices on the market, specifically indicated for each lesion. Dr. Adriana Ribé and her collaborators will perform in a specific way the most appropriate facial and body skin treatments for each patient: rejuvenation, elimination of spots, vascular lesions, hair and tattoo removal and others.

The union of the most advanced technology with the extensive experience of Dr. Adriana Ribé and her team guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the results. Ribe Clinic thus becomes the medical laser platform that offers the highest standard of excellence, quality and credibility in all its treatments, achieving the commitment to meet patient expectations.

Ribe Clinic offers its patients an elegant, modern and welcoming atmosphere.

Ribe Clinic consists of 400 square meters office decorated in an elegant and detailed way with art pieces where patients can relax meanwhile have medical treatments. The warm light and different separate areas of the spaces give privacy to all the corners designed for the patient to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay in the center.