Ribe Clinic facilities

Ribe Clinic is an aesthetic medicine and antiaging clinic with two medical centers in Barcelona and Andorra.

Both clinics, centrally located, on Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona and Carlemany Avenue in Andorra (centre Júlia), with a total of more than 500m2, have the most advanced technologies and protocols for aesthetic treatments of face and body and antiaging.

The treatments are performed by doctors and specialist professionals, to offer effective and safe results. Dra. Adriana Ribe and her team specifically apply the most appropriate facial and body skin treatments for each patient: rejuvenation, pigmented spots removal, vascular lesions, hair removal, tattoos removal and others.

The clinics are decorated in an elegant, modern and detailed style so that patients feel comfortable and enjoy their stay in the center. The waiting rooms invite you to relax and we also have private areas for patients who wish.

The Ribe Clinic clinics thus become the aesthetic and antiaging medicine clinics in Barcelona and Andorra that offer the highest standard of excellence, quality and credibility in all their treatments, achieving the commitment to reach the expectations of the patients.