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oxygen therapy

The Oxygen turns into the alternative to the injections and fillers for the treatment of facial antiaging. Dra. Adriana Ribé offers the last technology to her patients to oxygenate the skin and then improving the aspect of the facial skin thanks to the penetration of Oxygen and active substances.The device is called PrO2son.

The oxygen is not only an indispensable element for the life, but also for our skin. It revitalizes the tissue and activates the microcirculation, and the cells realize better their functions.

Ribe Clinic's Cabin presents the treatment of Oxygen therapy. It consists of the external administration of oxygen (without needles) only or in combination with different products with antiaging properties (vitamins, hyaluronic acid, cellular activators, enzymes …) to contribute hydration and to reaffirm the skin.

Based on the quality of the skin and the degree of aging in the skin, this treatment can be done alone or in combination with other treatments such as laser or radiofrequency.

This treatment can also be applied for the capillary growth and corporal remodelation.

Dra. Adriana Ribé, recommends to realize 5-10 sessions every 1-2 weeks.

Duration of this treatment: Oxygen therapy 60 minutes


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