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Thermage CPT Facial

Ribe Clinic Protocol for facial sagging:

The treatment performed with device Thermage CPT reaffirms the skin of the face and the neck. The skin is smoother and tighter, with less sagging. Facial contours are redefined, especially in the jaw line and under the chin (obtaining for example a least visible dewlap) "it explains Dra Adriana Ribe to us. The doctor says that it also smoothes wrinkles and fine lines about the mouth, eyes and forehead. It can be used even in the top eyelid of the eye ".

There is no special care needed after the procedure and most patients return to their regular activities immediately following treatment.

In some patients, after performing the treatment with Thermage CPT for sagging skin, we can inject fillers to restore the loss of volume. Or, even, more recently we inject threads (absorbable PDO) or Silhouette threads (absorbable polilactic cones threads).

To treat the sagging without surgery:

The use of Thermage CPT on the face, neck and eyelids obtains a firmer skin with more defined contours in only session.

In Ribe Clinic, Dra Adriana Ribe reaffirms the skin without surgery or injections with the last treatment of radiofrequency called Thermage's heat CPT.

The first and best proven technology to reaffirm the skin without surgery, both facial and corporal is called Thermage CPT. Dra Adriana Ribe incorporates this new treatment in her center of Barcelona, Ribe Clinic, to offer a firmer skin to her patients in one session and with results that can last up to 2 years depending on your skin condition and natural aging process.

How does Thermage CPT work?

Thermage CPT uses patented radiofrequency technology to safely heat the deeper lawyers of the skin stimulating existing collagen and promoting new collagen growth for younger looking skin.

The Dra Adriana Ribe, dermatopathologist and Director of Ribe Clinic performs a specific protocol for facial treatment.

The Thermage Eye Procedure

The Thermage eyes procedure helps smooth and tighten skin around the eyes and eyelis, decreasing wrinkles, lines and hooding. A single treatment, you will have younger looking, more lifted eyes that look less tired.

We can also combine with Botulin Toxin to improve results in fine wrinkles around the eyes and glabella.


Threading: The Future of Face-Lifts? Silhouette Threads

The worlds of plastic surgery and dermatology get closer together each year, with less-invasive anti-aging treatments at the forefront of what patients want and doctors are working toward. The variety of techniques, substances, and theories on how to turn back the clock with as natural a look as possible are near-infinite, at this point.

One under-the-radar approach that’s sending A-listers flocking to Europe and Asia is the concept of threading, i.e., inserting a tiny—sometimes barbed—thread into the face (or knees, or neck, or…) and carefully pulling up the skin to create a natural-looking lift that’s not at all Botox-y.

At RibeClinic we performed the treatment with Silhouette Soft threads.

This is a natural thread with cones that melts 12-18 months after the procedure. It can be inserted into any area or region of the body that has problems with sagging—most commonly in the neck, chin, and jawline. It helps to create fibrous tissue and to stimulate new skin tissue. The treatment itself is not mine but I’ve customized this particular method.

Threads FTC (Fine Thread Contour Therapy) PDO

What are they?

FTC is a new and revolutionary not surgical antiaging therapy to treat the signs of aging such as sagging and to raise facial structures. By means of the placement in the dermis of several threads of absorbable bio PDO, not only it improves the sagging from the interior but also it stimulates the activation of the collagen in the skin.

How do they act?

The tensile threads FTC are implanted in the dermis by means of a technology designed and realized by Korean dermatologists. Its placement is very similar to the technology of landfill in mesh. The monofilaments are not toxic, are bioabsorbable and are composed of Polidioxanone PDO, material used in cardiac sutures (this is the reason for its great safety).

Which are the results?

The antiaging effect is immediate. The improvement is observed in 30 days of the session, and is consolidated in 3 months of the same one. The results change according to the age of the patient, the level of sagging and the quality of the skin. The result with a single treatment lasts approximately 10 to 12 months. It is a safe treatment with a few and rare side effects, since it is a non aggressive procedure. If they appear, they are temporary such as swelling and bruise.


When 1+1 are not only 2: Thermage CPT + Threads FTC

The combination of Thermage's radiofrequency CPT and of the Threads FTC it offers a top result in the treatment of sagging skin. Each technology separately increases the production of collagen, therefore the union of both obtains a still major increase. It does not consist of combining simply the benefits of every treatment, but his union promotes even more the results and benefits of each one. This way, performing Thermage first, it activates the formation of collagen and contracts for heat and then, secondly, from 1-2 weeks, we inject the threads that will act in a skin already "activated and more receptive" increasing the final result in better firmness and faster results.






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