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Velashape III®

VelaShape III is a device that applies “HEAT” to dermis and adipose tissue.

It is indicated to contour the body and treat cellulite through improving adipocyte metabolism and tissue quality.

It is powered by elos technology. Thus, VelaShape III combines a synergistic use of different energies:

  1. Bi-Polar RF (radio-frequency)
  2. IR (infrared)
  3. Mechanical tissue manipulation with pulsed vacuum

1. RF:

  • Heats adipocytes: metabolically more active that results in decreased size.  Extended use of stored energy within the adipocyte results in shrinkage of the cells themselves
  • Heats blood vessels: ↑↑ oxygen-dissociation from Oxy-Hb: Extravasation of nutrients and oxygen ↑↑
  • Heats surrounding connective septae:
    • fibroblast stimulation
    • collagen shrinkage and synthesis

2. Vacuum:  

  • for deeper heat penetration
  • fibroblast proliferation via stimulation of stretch receptors
    • Negative pressure -> vascular dilatation
    • Improved circulation

3- IR: superficial heating of underlying dermal collagen fibers

  • Increased RF energy 150W: Achieve end point temp faster
  • New RF electrode design to improve contact with the skin and better energy delivery to the fat layer

VelaShape III side walls are curved and not straight. This makes the vacuum more pleasant and more comfortable for the patient

What is the result?

A localized reduction in volume, skin laxity, and an overall improvement in skin structure and texture and consistent results due to:

  • Vela III heats up target tissue faster
  • Vela III maintains target temperature longer
  • Vela III reduces the overall treatment duration over time
  • Vela III offers fewer and shorter treatment sessions
  • Vela III treatment protocols are optimized for treatment of small, medium and large areas of the body and all are based on a similar, simple and easy to learn mode of treatment
  • Real time Impedance Measurements - Adjustable high power to deliver optimal energy across all impedance ranges
  • Measuring  temp in real time
  • The safety and effectiveness of the VelaShape treatment has been demonstrated in multi-center clinical trials and in more than 5 million independent treatments performed on patients globally.
  • VelaShape III demonstrated over 2 cm reduction in the abdomen and over 1.5 cm reduction in the thighs
  • Most patients reported no discomfort during or following treatment

RibeClinic Protocol

•3-5 treatments, 2 weeks apart
•Improves skin quality and reduces of at least 2 cm
•Combination with carboxitherapy and oral supplements if necessary (drenovance, hepatovance, silice, oral collagen, body creams…)



- The first medical injectable treatment indicated por prevention and treatment of cellulite.



It consists in the intradermal or subcutaneos injection of CO2.

The CO2 expands in the zone in which is injected. The reaction of the dioxide injection gives a better oxygenation of the skin and produces lipolysis as well.



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