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Thermi radiofrequency to firm body sagging skin

The best minimally invasive technology to firm sagging skin, both facial and body, is the monopolar radiofrequency called THERMI Tight.

Dr. Adriana Ribé has been a pioneer in incorporating this treatment in her center in Barcelona, ​​Ribe Clinic, and she has obtained satisfactory results for her patients.


The most important thing to obtain very good results with THERMI Tight radiofrequency treatment to firm sagging skin is to be a good candidate for this treatment and to be in the hands of a very expert and experienced specialist.

Therefore, Dr. Adriana Ribé recommends a visit to assess your degree of flaccidity, see if you are a good candidate and explain how the treatment works.

With a single THERMI Tight monopolar radiofrequency session, it is possible to firm body sagging skin and have less flaccidity and with results lasting up to 2 years.

Ribe Clinic protocol to firm body sagging skin with monopolar radiofrequency THERMI Tight

At Ribe Clinic, we perform a diagnosis with a clinical history and physical exam to evaluate the degree of flaccidity and if there are factors that predispose to flaccidity.

We design a specific protocol to firm body sagging skin for each patient that it may consist of a single treatment or a combination of several.

To improve the results and above all to maintain them, as the case may be, we propose a consultation with our personal trainer in the Ribe Clinic gym to propose an exercise routine to tone the muscle and / or electro stimulation sessions with the trainer.

Frequently asked questions about Thermi radiofrequency treatment to firm body sagging skin

How does THERMI Tight work to firm body sagging skin?

The THERMI Tight medical machine employs a monopolar radiofrequency technology that applies controlled heat to tissue. A very thin cannula is used that heats in a controlled way with a temperature selected by the doctor the deepest layers of the skin stimulating and tensing the existing collagen and the growth of new collagen. There is a total control of the temperature of the cannula and inside the patient’s area treated with a thermal camera. Thus, the skin acquires a younger and firmer appearance from the deeper layers.

A plastic surgeon performs the treatment with a specific protocol of tension lines with THERMI Tight to firm body sagging skin.

This body radiofrequency treatment to firm sagging skin is applied to the abdomen, front and inner side of thighs, buttocks, knees and arms.

This body radiofrequency treatment to firm sagging skin is applied to any skin color and at any time of the year.

When is THERMI Tight radiofrequency recommended to firm body sagging skin?

When the skin begins to lose smoothness and be flaccid, and this usually happens from 35-40 years. It is not as effective in very advanced ages when the flaccidity is very marked. Thus, it is important to perform it at early ages as a treatment and prevention of body flaccidity.

How long does THERMI Tight need to be effective to firm body sagging skin?

The treatment of body flaccidity with THERMI Tight monopolar radiofrequency only requires a session of approximately one hour, with local anesthesia. The benefits of firming the treated body area can last about 2 years depending on the type of skin.

Can mono-polar radiofrequency THERMI Tight leave marks in the treatment to firm body sagging skin?

It does not leave any marks, but the area is inflamed for 3 to 5 days with occasional hematomas and it is recommended to put compression. The patient can resume his/her routine the next day, although depending on the case and the area, it is recommended to make more sedentary life for 3-4 days.